Frequently asked questions


How long do I have to wait till Cloud Recordings are made available?

Cloud Recordings will be made available to students in the AGrader Online Platform within 2 weeks from the end of the lesson.

What happens if I miss my online lesson?

All lessons will be recorded and will be available for your child to rewatch it in his/her AGrader's Online Platform anytime, anywhere. On top of that, we have an exclusive WhatsApp group chat for students to post their questions which will be consolidated and answered by teachers in the next lesson.

How will I know if my registration is successful?

A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email account and our staff will contact you to give you an overview of the details and steps that follows.

How does the 14 days free trial work?

For the 14 days free trial - you will not be charged any amount for the first 14 days. Billing will only start from the 15th day onward. The lessons are free-of-charge. You will however be required to pay for the couriering of worksheets on a per subject basis at $5.99 per subject. (E.g. if your child is taking 2 subjects – English and Math, the amount payable would be $5.99 x 2 = $11.98). If you do not continue after the first 14 days - no charges will be incurred. An authorization charge will be required in order for us to bill you. You will never be charged any amount that you did not approve of in the first place.

Any subject bundle discounts if I were to register for more than 1 subject?

Online Lessons are already discounted to begin with. As such there are no further subject bundle discounts for multiple subject registrations. However, please be assured the teachers and teaching assistants will do their best to help your child improve.

Teaching Related

How regularly will the teacher update me on the progress of my child?

WhatsApp Group Chat: You will be invited to a WhatsApp Consultation Group Chat where you can post questions and have it all answered in the next lesson. Updates: Through regular marking of worksheets, our teachers and teaching assistants will give you updates and feedback regularly every 4 to 6 lessons based on the worksheets done by your child.

Are the teachers teaching the Online Lessons qualified?

We believe that the teachers taking the Online Lessons are amongst the best in the market and country as the teachers delivering the AGrader Online Lessons are all our in-house full time teachers who are also responsible for crafting the curriculum and worksheets served to thousands of students across all AGrader Learning Centres across Singapore. You may visit us at (scroll down) to take a look at the profiles of the teachers deliverying the Online Lessons.